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Sorceress (Poem)


I could curl my smoke
around your neck
and whisper in your ear.

I could bring the knife
to blood and bone
and tell you death is near.

I could pour a drink
into your glass
and watch you lose your mind.

I could light a candle
in the dark
and breathe until you're mine.

I could call upon
the witches three
and watch them break your heart.

I could touch your hand
soft and gentle
and build you from your parts.

I could swallow whole
your tiny heart
and spit out all the thorns.

I could promise you
a happy life
and not know you by morn.

I could dig down deep
into your mind
and pull out all your fears.

I could capture you
with magic spell
and make you mine for years.

I could pull you close
to my warm skin
and you will think you're home.

I could show my wings
then fly away
and leave you all alone.

Sorceress (Poem): Work
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